Student Feedback and Discussion Forums

I found an interesting piece regarding providing feedback to students.  Generally in instructional design, we strive to provide three major types of interaction: student to student, student to content and student to faculty.  While all three are vital, the element that research has shown that student to faculty interactions are the ones that provide sustained growth in student performance.  As such, I figured I’d share something I found regarding providing proper feedback for online students.


Additionally, the forum is where the majority of these interactions can take place.  One of the reasons why we push so hard for their use in every module.  It’s not just the medium for interaction that’s important, it’s the type of thought required in that medium as well.  Tyler Hart, an associate of mine, found a really cool resource for writing discussion forums the other day that I thought I’d share too.


I think that’s all of what we’re working on right now.  Let me know if I’ve left anything out or if you need anything else!


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