Mobile Learning

As for my weekly resource share, check out this article.  I know I harp on Mobile Learning a lot these days, but it’s a passion of mine so please bear with me J.  This article is pointing out some of the key interactions that can take place on mobile.  I’m not saying it will ever replace the LMS, but at the same time it will probably become a way for students to access content.  One of the key takeaways I found is that mobile integration allows students to be constantly “immersed” in a learning environment.


I was the product of an immersive liberal arts college and one of the key building blocks of who I am now came from being able to eat, drink and breathe my education for four years.  One of my major concerns with online is that it’s something you just turn on a few times a week, with clear stopping and starting points.  While that’s fine for instruction, I find it hard to develop a sense of academic culture.  By the time I had graduated, I spoke Political Science like it was my mother tongue.  When I got my Masters, I was spending 10 hours a day in an inner city school and a lot more time working on my assignments from grad school.  That immersion is something that can’t always be replicated and I understand that, but I’m sure you agree that it’s a key factor in the college experience – one that’s hard to replicate online.


Imagine your faculty being able to push articles to your students through Twitter or Facebook, or keeping up a social network using LinkedIn that allows students to interact outside of their courses.  Imagine your students, instead of pulling up “Buzzfeed” when they need a break from work, pulling up mobile resources on their phone aligned with their program of study and interacting with each other beyond the prescribed discussion boards.  Good online education may no longer be the content delivery system, it may have to become the distraction as well.  What do you think?  Have you given any thought to how to provide an academic culture to online students?  What are the challenges and how can they be addressed moving forward?


Thanks for your time today, sorry I got long-winded, this stuff’s been on my mind a lot as of late and I appreciate your attention.


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